And the winner is…..

29 Jan

So, to jump straight in, everyone with a fully functioning humour system is probably still reeling from the 2010 British Comedy Awards. The awards themselves were hosted by the wayward debonair school-boy Jonathon Ross.  As a host, Jonathon or ‘Wossy’ as idiots call him seemed to be stuck on ‘attack mode’ when presenting and time-filling throughout the whole show. Possibly, this is him trying to remind the BBC that he used to be the controversial soul although these days he has pretty much lost his teeth.

As for the show itself, I felt it was highly entertaining and featured a barrage of guest hosts, banter and some sketches. People in my opinion on form was the cast of Misfits looking like they were there to open a supermarket, A regenerated Goldie Hawn, Peter Capaldi scaring people into adoring him, Noel Fielding and his tartan poncho and a stirring overseas speech by renaissance man Russell Brand.

But anyway, lets get down to the actual awards and not skirt around it like Eddie Murphy round an alleyway.

Newswipe pulled entertainment programme. This I feel was highly deserved as Charlie Brooker has pretty much carved himself out a new institution for himself. Lots of people probably know Brooker through his series of …wipe shows and the panel show You Have Been Watching. Worth checking out though however would be one of his first websites, the aptly names TVGoHome website here; cunt. The whole website has now been converted into a book aswell, so you can read it until your acerbic heart’s content.

Another award that was totally justified was Peter Capaldi winning TV Comedy Actor. The character he created in the niche-to-norm genius of The Thick Of It is gruesomely compelling. However, Peter Capaldi is also an accomplished film director. One of his films, Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life is a fantastic little comedy gem. The film can be viewed in its entirety here

Kayvan Novak of the guerilla-tactic-comedy Fone & Facejacker won Comedy Performance for Four Lions, a painfully terrific film by the TV renegade Chris Morris. If you are a fan of his unique spin on the darker side of humour then try looking up his first short film called My Wrongs #8245-8249 & 117. It is a warped but wonderful film featuring Paddy Constantine as a mentally disturbed man who has to walk a dog. Naturally there is lots of cringe-worthy situations, total double-take-head-fuck moments and impossible characters. It is definitely worth the watch.  Also by Morris is Blue Jam which was his sketch show when he was at his most disturbed. one of the more twisted sketches

Outstanding Contribution to British Comedy went to the wayward Russell Brand this year. The bohemian comic went on to give a speech before accepting his printout of a picture of his award. Recession is tough. Worth a watch would be his twisted observational comedy RE:Brand which used to play on the now defunct UK Play.

There were a lot more other awards but you dont need me rambling on about it, head on over to 4OD and watch it in its entirety. I strongly urge you to head over there and give it a watch. It is, after all, all for a laugh.

Comedy Makes Life Better

18 Jan

Watch This Space.

Comedy Makes Life Better